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Best & Fastest Render Settings

Discover how you can render very fast and with high quality. Learn these tricks & tips to set up your After Effects. #mpcth_cta_8y2zr.wpb_call_to_action .wpb_button_a .mpcth-cta-arrow {border-color:#13abf7} #mpcth_cta_8y2zr .wpb_button_a {background-color:#13abf7}The Power - Dramatic Title TrailerGet this AE Template for FREE!

Portrait Video with Blurred Background

Portrait Video With Blurred Background. In this short video tutorial I will show you how you can create this special blurred background for your videos, and photos. —————————————– Special tags: portrait video with blurred background how to take a portrait with a blurred background video editing tips portrait with a blurred background blurred backgrounds how...