iPhone App Presentation v2



  1. CreativeMouseTV


    Nice animation, great work!

  2. ProMobile


    Can I use only videos, and no photo slides inside the phone screen? Is it possible to edit the 3D animation?

    • fantazo


      Yes you can, and it’s easy just one step: insert your video inside the “Screen (media)” composition, and drag above all the other layers. To edit the 3D animation, just play with the keyframes on the “iphone 3D control” layer.

  3. Ivan


    Wondering is it possible to remove one of the frame in iphone app presentation.. For example: “your video/application”. we don’t need that frame, because we want to add video to the next one. So from 0:15 it can transition to 0:24 directly?
    and in “download now” screen we can add video? And if I change/remove it the transitioning will be rendered properly automatically? thanks

    • fantazo


      The “Screen (media)” composition has all the app window compositions. If you put your video above those compositions, than your video will be displayed instead of for example (Your app window 2). The transitions are made in this way: when the phone rotates in 3D and it turns around (facing with the backside of the phone), the video ends there and another one starts. So when the phone turns with the front side, then it will display the new video. That is how the transitions are made. The compositions are modular so you can move, or remove parts from the “Screen (media)” composition.

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AE version: CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC
Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080
Required Plug-ins: No
Duration: 30 sec
File Size: 17 MB
Video Tutorial: Included
Music: Not Included

Additional Compositions:
HDTV 720: 1280 x 720
NTSC DV: 720 x 480

Other info:
– 8 placeholders for text
– 2 placeholders for logo / icon
– 7 placeholders for your media

Rendering time ≈ 40min, 24sec
– (Quicktime / H264 / 1920 x 1080)